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Free Your Mind

photographyPosted by Photo-Company Mon, June 18, 2012 17:46:24
Free your mind Festival is always a breeze. Nice atmosphere, nice people and somehow always nice weather.....

This year less dust and more grass, which was nice for the gear and our health.

Our mini selves are quite happy with this new terrain as well, although they were more concerned about te height of the grass .......

Manual reading time!!!!

photographyPosted by Photo-Company Wed, April 25, 2012 11:45:13
So, After shooting with the D4 for a month now, its time to hit the manual.

Especially the network feature is a bit puzzling sometimes, dut our alters work it out anyways....

More TK.........

We've been Time-warp-ed

photographyPosted by Photo-Company Thu, April 12, 2012 20:20:30
So, that was one hell of a job. 17 hours straight production, from six till eleven in the morning the next day, with six picture upload moments.

The D4 performed very well, with shots up to 12800 ISO.

Our alters are still cleanig up the mess, but what a night it was!!!

You can find the result here

More TK..............................

D4 has arrived

photographyPosted by Photo-Company Wed, March 28, 2012 20:53:52
The Unbuxing has begun, we got him!!!


photographyPosted by Photo-Company Fri, March 16, 2012 16:41:42
So, here we are again, rocking with Speedy J. Rotterdam at Awakenings is always nice, but with Jochem and Gary Beck it's extra nice

more pictures from this night are here

Visit at Nikon

photographyPosted by Photo-Company Tue, February 28, 2012 21:52:30
We've been invited to visit Nikon and play around with the new flagships. Our alters wanted to join the fun and ofcourse they went along.

So, here they are, the D4 and the D800. True beasts. D4 with over 12800 ISO useable and the D800 with 36MP (!!!!) both with full HD video......makes every photographer drool.

The little folk had a go as well, and they liked. Ofcourse we got questions when they would receive an upgrade in their equipment.....

more to come...

Flight control to Major Tom

photographyPosted by Photo-Company Wed, February 22, 2012 21:00:57
One of our favorite spots to take pictures is from the control deck where the light guys are. This way you can see wat light is coming and if something big is coming up, like fire works or a laser explosion

The light guy's favorite machine is the Grand MA. One BIG machine that does it all, and in the right hands, it makes the crowd to jump even higher. True night-life heroes!!

So if you see us hanging there, we're probaly waiting for the right light to make some stunning pictures.


photographyPosted by Photo-Company Wed, February 08, 2012 20:50:43
So, here we are again in full effect on Awakenings in Eindhoven. Take some massive sound sytems, wicked lightning, throw in some om the best Dj's and you have one hell of a party!!

Check out the pictures we took here

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